Better Foods, Inc. Master Post

Since February of 2016 I have been employed as a marketing assistant for Better Foods Incorporated, which owns the WV-based restaurant chains Gino’s Pizza and Spaghetti House and Tudor’s Biscuit World. My tasks include a lot of production art tasks (adjusting forms, cutting coupons, etc.) but I also get to design ads (usually for newspaper publication), menus, and table displays. For ease of use, I have put all of these pieces into a single post. The marketing office is a collaborative environment, so input from other designers has been taken into account in the creation of these things, but all of the design legwork and the vast majority of the ideation is my own in all the included examples. Most of the ads speak for themselves, but comments are added where I feel they are necessary.

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Vindication Gamer Network Graphics

I created graphics for the Vindication Gamer Network, a group of people (formerly including myself) who stream video games and create original talk-show-style web content analyzing the games industry. Most of these graphics are overlays or underlays designed to convey which program and what game the viewer is observing. The large transparent gaps are where the real time footage of gameplay is located during the stream, and in some cases portions have little content in them to facilitate additional camera feeds.

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Magazine Spreads

Completed as part of the application process to work at The University of Alabama’s University Relations office. Copy and photographs were provided by and are the property of the University. The brain diagrams are based on or use public domain images from the Grey’s Anatomy.

Both spreads are the same article.

BrainLab-1 BrainLab-2

BrainLab-3 BrainLab-4

BrainLab-5 BrainLab-6

BrainLab-7 BrainLab-8


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Anchors aPlay! Logo

Logo commissioned for a podcast.  The podcast, called Anchors aPlay! ( is dedicated to electronic music. The client had an idea of what he wanted, which became a different iteration of the design for the logo, but he also requested that I design something of my choosing, as he wanted to see what I came up with. I latched onto the anchor bit of the podcast’s theming and decided a shattering record would fit the podcast’s aesthetic well. The client was extremely happy with my interpretation, and ended up using it as his final logo.


Galaxy At War

Our final project in one of my design classes was to create a how-to manual.  I decided to create one for the multiplayer in the game Mass Effect 3, but, as an added wrinkle and for my own entertainment, decided to write it in an in-universe style, creating it as a semi-propagandist pamphlet outlining the asymmetrical warfare of the game’s multiplayer.  To that end, certain logos, fonts, character art, and design cues, including the color scheme, are taken from within Mass Effect 3 itself, whether directly (the main logo, the Spectre and Council emblems), traced (the final image of Harbinger, the Cerberus emblem, and the N7 emblem) or via reproduction (the character art).  The concept was mainly chosen to make my last project something I’d find more fun, but I think it ended up being very indicative of my ability to work within established branding and extrapolate from it as needed.

Copy based on Mass Effect 3 but written by me.

Mass Effect 3 and all related concepts are owned by BioWare, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.

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Tuscaloosa Half-Marathon

These designs for the ribbon and engraved medals given to finishers of the Tuscaloosa Half-Marathon weren’t utilized, apart from the layout for the back of the medal.  That said, I felt like they were still pretty solid designs, especially the split marathon lettering.  In the interest of full disclosure: I did later find out that the silhouette was for the wrong kind of tree.  Tuscaloosa’s famous for water oaks, and that silhouette’s from a variety of oak native to California, if I’m remembering correctly. Had my design been chosen, I could have corrected that with a few minutes’ work, but it ended up being a moot point.


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