Vindication Gamer Network Graphics

I created graphics for the Vindication Gamer Network, a group of people (formerly including myself) who stream video games and create original talk-show-style web content analyzing the games industry. Most of these graphics are overlays or underlays designed to convey which program and what game the viewer is observing. The large transparent gaps are where the real time footage of gameplay is located during the stream, and in some cases portions have little content in them to facilitate additional camera feeds.

These graphics are mostly made from custom templates I have made, and led to me receiving a large amount of experience working with templates, incorporating existing content, and iterating designs to work toward better finished product.  With the exception of the VGN branding, content included in these graphics (artwork, game logos) is owned by the developers and publishers who make the represented games. VGN show logos included here were developed by me, with the exception of the diagonal “VGN” logo used in the network’s YouTube icon; the current VGN Showcase overlays have a version of said logo remade by me, however.

The actual video production and any motion graphics in the accompanying videos was not done by me; I merely did the overlay graphics. I am also not featured in any of the accompanying videos.

VGN Showcase Sound-offs

Soundoff SoundOff SoundOff SoundOff

Created for periods during Showcases of games where additional members of VGN show up to (hopefully) provide insight on the game currently being played.
In action:


Community Showdown
HaloAction HaloAtRest Action Rest Action AtRest

These overlays are designed for Community Showdown, a weekly event where VGN plays games with viewers.  Each pair uses the same background for consistency, and consists of an “action” version with a large area for gameplay, and an “at rest” version where Skype cams take up more room.
In action:


VGN Showdown Streams (Old Version)
Base2 Base3 Highlight

A precursor to Community Showdown, these overlays were similarly designed with the “same background, variable camera position” methodology.  This style was eventually phased out however, because we discovered having a more fluid area for the skype cameras was beneficial, and because Showdown Streams got rebranded.
In action:
(NB: as mentioned before, the motion graphics in the video were not done by me, and additional text not found in the overlays themselves was added)

Posted on: March 10, 2015, by : Robert_Gobel

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