Better Foods, Inc. Master Post

Since February of 2016 I have been employed as a marketing assistant for Better Foods Incorporated, which owns the WV-based restaurant chains Gino’s Pizza and Spaghetti House and Tudor’s Biscuit World. My tasks include a lot of production art tasks (adjusting forms, cutting coupons, etc.) but I also get to design ads (usually for newspaper publication), menus, and table displays. For ease of use, I have put all of these pieces into a single post. The marketing office is a collaborative environment, so input from other designers has been taken into account in the creation of these things, but all of the design legwork and the vast majority of the ideation is my own in all the included examples. Most of the ads speak for themselves, but comments are added where I feel they are necessary.

Tudor’s Ads


statefair rudy-festv3 soccerad cherryrivertudors baseballad

strawberryfestival tudors4thjuly

Tudor’s Ads with Additional Notes


The visual language for this ad (including the “$5 Lunch Combos” art) was taken from a campaign made by my supervisor, marketing director Christina McCune. I include it here because it required extensive reworking to fit in this ad size, and I believe it’s an excellent example of my ability to work within established visual guidelines.

Gino’s Ads

 cherryriverginos ginos4thjuly bridgeportfrontpage

Gino’s Table Display


The copy for this table tent is based on the official description of the product from the US Foods catalog entry, but is not copied wholesale.

Combination Ads

oakleaffestival fayettethankyou charlestonthankyou firefighterconvention littleleaguead

lincolnjournalsportsbw2 hometownheritagefestival ginostudorsdoubleadhomecoming footballadgradad 4thofjuly

Combo Ads with Additional Notes


The tagline for the Gino’s portion of this ad is taken from the previous years’ ad for the event, done by a coworker.

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