Galaxy At War

Our final project in one of my design classes was to create a how-to manual.  I decided to create one for the multiplayer in the game Mass Effect 3, but, as an added wrinkle and for my own entertainment, decided to write it in an in-universe style, creating it as a semi-propagandist pamphlet outlining the asymmetrical warfare of the game’s multiplayer.  To that end, certain logos, fonts, character art, and design cues, including the color scheme, are taken from within Mass Effect 3 itself, whether directly (the main logo, the Spectre and Council emblems), traced (the final image of Harbinger, the Cerberus emblem, and the N7 emblem) or via reproduction (the character art).  The concept was mainly chosen to make my last project something I’d find more fun, but I think it ended up being very indicative of my ability to work within established branding and extrapolate from it as needed.

Copy based on Mass Effect 3 but written by me.

Mass Effect 3 and all related concepts are owned by BioWare, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.

GalaxyAtWar art414final_gobel2 art414final_gobel3 art414final_gobel4 art414final_gobel5 art414final_gobel6 art414final_gobel7 art414final_gobel8

Posted on: March 10, 2015, by : Robert_Gobel

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